Embark on an unforgettable boat adventure into a mysterious river wilderness. Designed to simulate a journey along the Amazon River, be ready to spot our well-camouflaged and elusive wildlife among lush vegetation for a unique perspective of Amazonian wildlife.
Amazon River Quest tickets available for online purchase only at $5 per rider.
Last ride is at 6:00pm. For safety reasons, guests must be at least 1.06m to ride. See below for more rider's guidelines.

Spot These Animals

Be enthralled by the sights and sounds of animals hailing from one of the most diverse rainforest habitats in the world!

Rider's Guidelines

Children who are 1.06m and taller are welcome to embark on Amazon River Quest. A child swap procedure is in place such that a supervising adult and the child can wait while the others go on the boat ride. The supervising adult can board the boat once the others return. 

Rain’s no fun. For this reason, we may suspend Amazon River Quest if the weather affects our visitors’ safety and comfort. Please note that ride tickets will not be replaced in the event of ride suspensions, and admission tickets sold can’t be refunded.

In the wild, it's natural for animals to blend into their surroundings and hide in plain sight. So, don't be surprised if animals along the Amazon River Quest boat ride camouflage themselves or hide behind boulders and vegetation.

The guidelines provided here are to ensure that you are able to make a well-informed decision about your ability to experience the boat ride safely. The following restrictions are put in place to protect the safety of our guests, and to ensure that the safety systems of the ride are not compromised.

   Riders must be 1.06m and above to experience the boat ride.

   Children between 1.06m and 1.35m must be accompanied by
   a supervising adult.

   Guest must be able to transfer onto the boat unaided.


Please also note that the boat ride involves moderate acceleration, elevation changes and minor bumping. As a result, guests with the following conditions shall not ride.

   Expectant mothers

   Motion sickness or dizziness

   Heart conditions or abnormal blood pressure

   Back and/or neck disorder

   Impaired physical health

   Persons in wheelchair


To ride safely, guests must follow these boat rules

   No food and drinks

   No smoking

   No loose items

   No bulky items

   No sharp objects

   No sitting on the lap

   Keep hands and feet within the boat

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