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Our parks are Living Classrooms where learning comes to life. Enrich your curriculum with a free-and-easy visit or take up an education programme for a multisensory learning experience! Plan a meaningful trip for your students with the information below.

School Admission Rates

Schools are advised to pre-register your visit one month before and these rates are applicable only to the local schools, locally based international schools, child care centres, ITE, polytechnics and universities. Schools are required to reserve seats online for our presentations at River Wonders. Limited seats are available and on a first come first served basis.
School Admission
(per pax)
Amazon River Quest
(per pax)
3 to 12 years old
(Preschool & Primary)
S$ 13
Free admission for children below 3 years old
S$ 5
Children must be 1.06m and above
13 years old and above
(Secondary & Above)
S$ 22
S$ 5
Additional Teacher / Parent Volunteer
*(For every ten paying students, one adult is free)
S$ 22
S$ 5
  • Prices shown are in Singapore dollar (SGD) inclusive of GST and are correct at point of communication and are subjected to change without prior notice
  • The 10:1 ratio (for every ten paying students, one adult is free) is NOT applicable to polytechnics and tertiary institutions*
  • Students must be in uniform or school T-shirt for rates to apply
  • Admission for child below 3 years old is free. To enjoy free admission, school groups are to pre-register with Education Department, providing the names and birth dates of the students
  • Prior Registration of visit is required to enjoy the school rates
  • Advanced payment is to be made 2 WEEKS prior to the school's learning journey
  • Park tickets are valid for one full day. 
  • Visitors can exit and re-enter the park on the same day by presenting their park ticket and re-entry stamp provided by our staff at the exit.


Plan an itinerary based on your learning objectives to get the most out of your visit to River Wonders. Then, register your visit with us to let us know when you and your students are coming.

Check out our programmes

We offer experiential education programmes for students at every level and budget. Find one that suits your learning objectives and add it to your itinerary.

Plan your route

If you are conducting a self-guided visit, download the River Wonders map for easy orientation around the park. Teaching resources are available for either download or purchase to further help you plan an enriching visit. 

Include food and fun

Plan your students’ meals and other activities by visiting our website to find out more.

Plan a recce trip

Come on a recce trip to familiarize yourself with navigating through River Wonders.

Things to note

Prepare your students for the visit’s learning objectives and for what to expect on their River Wonders visit. Use this opportunity to brief them on the park rules to enjoy your time at River Wonders.

Download helpful resources

Activity sheets for programmes can be found in our teaching resources for your use as a learning tool during the trip.

Recap and reflect

We recommend following up on a River Wonders visit by refreshing the learning objectives and finding out how much your students have learned from the experience.

FAQs for Teachers


  • Yes, children below 3 receive complimentary admission
  • Educational programme rates still apply for children below 3
  • Yes, they can. However, due to the park operating at limited capacity, they need to register their visit via the membership portal prior to their visit

    If your total amount exceeds the minimum required for an ITQ, then a Gebiz is needed. Please check with the school's admin manager.


    Please visit our website here to learn more.

    No, programme fees do not include admission

    At the moment, this experience is temporarily unavailable. Please visit our website to find out more on the programmes we've to offer.

  • Yes, the programme listing will indicate the minimum pax required for each programme
  • If you're keen to continue with less than the min. pax, you will still need to pay for the additional ghost pax (number needed to attain the min amount)
  • Indoor programmes are usually held at the River Wonders Classroom or other equivalent indoor locations
  • Behind-the-scenes tours and guided tours will be held on-site at the respective exhibits
  • If your total amount exceeds the minimum required for an ITQ, then a Gebiz is needed. Please check with the school's admin manager.

  • River Wonders is 85% sheltered and as most programmes are conducted indoors, this will not be an issue.

    Water coolers are found at these locations:

    • River Wonders Entrance Plaza
    • Panda Courtyard
    • Boat Plaza

    • Yes, you can bring your own snacks and refreshments.
    • Please note that external caterer deliveries are not allowed into the park, so do make arrangements for your own meal delivery and pick up at the pick-up point

    Yes, the presentations are free.


  • Yes, there are first aid stations at the River Wonders main entrance
  • AEDs can also be found at the entrance, Panda Courtyard and Boat Plaza
  • Please refer to the park map for these locations

  • What to bring

    Water dispensers are available around our park.

    Avoid insect bites.

    These are preferable to umbrellas in wet weather.

    To journal interesting learning moments!

    Every visit to our parks comes with

    Find out how, together, we're creating a better future for wildlife and the planet.