Bird Paradise is now open to the public.

Admission tickets can be purchased at Soft Opening Special Rates of $38 for adults, $23 for children (3 to 12 years old) and $20 for senior citizens for visits from 8 to 26 May only.

Admission tickets for visits from 27 May will be at the full price of $48 for adults, $33 for children and $20 for senior citizens, and can be purchased from 18 May. Time slot booking is required for all visits.

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Be awed by our colourful feathered friends


Feed the Animals

Catch our birds when they’re most active — during feeding sessions!



Catch our presentations to witness the amazing talents of our birds alongside their trainers at Bird Paradise.


Wildlife Experiences

Embark on a guided tour where you can learn little-known facts about our avian friends!

Soft-opening Special Rates

Tickets are available for sale from 24 April, and Special Rates are valid for visits from 8 to 26 May only. 
Local Residents enjoy additional savings of up to 20% with WildPass!




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Find out how, together, we're creating a better future for wildlife and the planet.